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The concept of a school in the church is clearly illustrated throughout Scripture. Among many examples is the one of the prophet Samuel. As a young child, Samuel was brought to the house of God to be trained up in the temple. Under the leadership of Eli, Samuel learned the power of God, the function of ministry, and the responsibilities of the priesthood. Our concept of the school in the church is much the same. It began in 1989, as the School of the Prophets. The directive of the Lord at that time was to teach and train men and women called and appointed for ministry. As the vision expanded, School of the Prophets became “Speak the Word School of Ministry.” These two schools held facets of our vision; but integrated, they comprise the essence of a school in the church. Now at the apex, this concept has come full circle and is actualized in Sonship School of the Firstborn (SSOTF). At SSOTF, training and instruction transpire in the environments of the classroom, the church, and the community. Coupled with the discipline of a self-study program, five-fold and lay ministers alike, learn the mechanics of ministry, while acquiring knowledge through life-application skills in such areas as:

  • Pragmatics of church building

  • Worship essentials

  • Financial stewardship

  • Ministerial integrity

  • Prayer basics, and much more..

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